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8 Reasons to Love & Choose Basic Invite

July 1, 2020laurenslighthouse

With COVID-19 cases going down (wooooh!), our cities are finally opening up again and all of us who’ve had to postpone our engagement parties, weddings, baby showers, graduation parties are getting back into full gear for their new plans and to send out new invitations! It’s been a tough year, friends, but every tunnel ends with a bright light, and we will be able to celebrate – in person, not just through Zoom calls! – our biggest milestones with the people we cherish the most.

Life update:
WE’RE ENGAGED! Jason proposed to me on June 27th, on a bright Saturday morning in the mountains in Canmore, surrounded by our closest friends! You can check out our proposal here!

As Jason and I will be getting ready to make plans for our engagement party and wedding, I’m so glad to have found the perfect online invitation design and printing service that caters to our vision and needs! Basic Invite ( offers a number of features and services that will make our lives so much easier when we’re busy running around to organize our big day, and it offers us full control over the look and feel of the letters that will reach the hands of our closest friends and family! Here are some big reasons why Basic Invite stands out as a leading online stationery company, and why I love and cannot wait to use it to create my own flawless invitations.

This post is written in sponsorship with Basic Invite but as everything I’ve ever written, all opinions are my own!

1. Near Unlimited Colours

Basic Invite is one of the very few websites that actually gives clients over 180 custom colour options and instant online previews, allowing us to know exactly what the invitations will look like and presenting us with the certainty that the invites will match what we pictured in our heads!

2. Custom Samples

We can get a printed sample of our actual invitation before making any final touches and placing our order! The samples will come straight to your mailbox if you choose to see and feel them in person, so you know what your invitees will be receiving. I find this to be a huge appeal as we can’t love the paper quality until we feel it. We’ll be able to ensure it’s perfect with our own eyes and touch before we get the final product!

3. Quick Delivery

After placing your order online and the payment is processed, your invitations will be delivered within 5 business days of them shipping. This is a huge bonus for people like me who tend to wait a little last minute when it comes to planning events!

4. Free Resources & Printables

Another unique feature that Basic Invites has been able to offer on their website after 14 years in the industry is a ton of free resources and free downloadable designs suitable for your event that you can automatically send to your printer. These include table numbers, place cards for attendees, rustic bingo sheets and other games (the purse game, Mad Libs), gift tags and much more! A huge steal is their 100-page wedding planner that I couldn’t wait to to get my hands on! I’m sure Jason’s shaking his head right about now as I fantasize about our big day!

5. Free Event Websites

Did you know that creating your own event website is a thing, especially for a wedding? It’s the perfect place to keep all the need-to-know information for your event in case your attendees lose track of it. Also, building your registry list online on the same website is handy, so you can direct everyone directly to one single location. Pretty convenient, huh? Well, Basic Invite will provide your custom site for free!

6. Address Capturing Service

One thing that could be strenuous is asking your 100+ guests for their addresses. I commend my friends and relatives who’ve made a log of their guests’ information and handwritten the addresses on each envelope on their own, but oof! How tiring! What Basic Invite can do is actually capture these addresses by creating a link that you can share over Facebook, Instagram and any other social media platform to request your friends and family to input their addresses. The information is then stored on your Basic Invite account and during the design process, you can print your invitation recipients’ addresses directly on the envelopes at no extra cost!

7. 40+ Envelope Colours

Speaking of envelopes, it would be great to have a variety of different colours for them too, instead of just basic white or tan. Nothing wrong with those colours, but if you’re going through the effort of making your invitation sheet perfect, it’d be handy to have your envelope match the invitation! Basic Invite actually offers over 40 different colours of envelopes to choose from, and all of the envelopes are peel-and-seal so it avoids you from having to taste envelope glue after licking and sealing 100+ of them (erlack!). No need to leave traces of your saliva on your invitations during our pandemic era, and this also ensures that they are closed quickly and securely!

8. Foil Cards

A huge and trendy stationery feature that I can’t wait to implement in my card designs is the gold, silver and/or rose foils! What a great way to make your cards pop. I mean literally: you can choose to go with a flat or raised foil to complement your cards and give them a luxurious touch! Good job, Basic Invite, for .

Right now until the end of the month, Basic Invite is offering 15% off with coupon code 15FF51!

Christmas In July

As it becomes safer everyday for us to be holding smaller event gathering in our own backyards, more and more of us will be hosting some BBQ parties at home and celebrating the fantastic weather. July is fast approaching and for those of us who haven’t seen our friends and family in a long time except across a computer screen, Christmas in July will be the break we’ve all been waiting for! A beautiful way to spruce up our Christmas in July gathering is with the cutest paper invitations to make it really feel like we’re sending Christmas cards. I think we’d all appreciate getting into the holiday spirit right about now to cure our souls of the crises we’ve experienced this year! And if you’re coming across this blog post in December of 2020 ready to host your own holiday party, check out these Christmas party invitations for some inspirational and print-worthy designs!

Have you used Basic Invite to design and print your invitations for your special day? What did you love most about your experience? Let me know in the comments below!

All photos belong to Basic Invite.

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