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Christmas 2018 Gifting Favourite + Giveaway!

You've come to the right place if you're searching for the perfect gift set for your girl, sister, wife, mom or BFF. Skwiik is a top local Canadian brand that curates by hand all natural, vegan and cruelty-free products for bath and skincare. They consistently come up with new scents and product lines to suit anyone and… Continue reading Christmas 2018 Gifting Favourite + Giveaway!

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Shave, Sugar, Wax

I highly doubt that self-done hair removal qualifies as anybody’s top pastime, unless you’re one of those weirdos who finds solace in digging at the odd ingrown hairs (Uh what?! I don’t do that…). But if you’ve reached a point where you’re looking for alternatives to your shaving or waxing rituals, then you’ve come to… Continue reading Shave, Sugar, Wax