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ClassPass: The Best Way to Diversify and Try New Workouts

October 31, 2018laurenslighthouse

Working out at the gym is great! It’s affordable, you can go at any time, the types of workouts and equipment available is abundant enough that you can achieve your fitness goals with the right amount of self-motivation and discipline. But there’s a lot you could be missing out on, and it’s easy to plateau or get bored, when you make the gym your ONLY source of exercise. I do love working out on my own, setting up exercises that I know work for me, and training myself to be self-disciplined. But little did I know, there is a whole world out there of classes that I would have never been able to try at a gym. On top of this, the social aspect of gaining new friendships in classmates or cultivating current ones with friends you go to class with, is pretty much non-existent with a gym-only routine. And having an expert instructor to guide and motivate you as well as keep you from making injurious mistakes is also extremely beneficial. Those of you who have fitness studio memberships probably know what I’m talking about.

The rest of us who:

  • aren’t willing to spend high studio membership fees,
  • don’t know what workout studios work best to suit our fitness needs, or
  • want to dabble in a little of everything (including going to the gym)

will LOVE this revolutionary concept.

ClassPass is an online app created for fitness enthusiasts to be able to participate in studio classes and gym time without the need for commitment to any of said fitness spots. The app is subscription-based and gives you a number of credits each month (typically ranging from 20 for C$45 to 50 for C$105 in Canada) depending on how many classes you think you’d want to take within the month – most classes cost around 5-6 credits.

ClassPass is available in 50 cities with over 9,000 partnered studios. They have every workout type you can think of and more! From barre to yoga to spin to boxing to Pilates and everything in between. You will be looking at nothing but the best studios within your city at such a reasonable price. And guess what! In most cities (including YYC) your first month is FREE granting you 40 credits to use wherever you choose!

Classpass - Barre Belle
Barre Belle

With my free 400 credits, I got to try out seven different studios/classes:

  1. Barre Belle Fat Burn @ Barre Belle YYC (Parkdale)
  2. Wall Yin Yoga @ The Yoga Shala
  3. Booty Werk HIIT Circuit @ Flex Haus
  4. Ass n’ Abs Level IV Megaformer @ Lagree YYC (Britannia)
  5. Hot Hips Yoga @ HotShop (NW University)
  6. Barre Belle Fit @ Barre Belle YYC (West 85th)
  7. Reformer All Levels @ Core 360 YYC
Classpass - Lagree YYC
Lagree YYC

I had never tried ANYTHING like them before, apart from the HIIT circuit training, but even that workout got me sweating harder than ever. Some of these studios I would’ve never discovered had it not been for ClassPass, I wouldn’t have found my love for Barre and Lagree either!

Seriously, this app is life changing. It also links up to your MINDBODY app where you can automatically add your workouts to your Google Calendar if you have that set up. ClassPass provides a ton of flexibility for its users as well, allowing us to

  • roll over up to 10 credits from one month to the next;
  • add more credits to our accounts if we run out before the next cycle; and
  • there’s ClassPass Lite for those who don’t want to go very often but who don’t want to cancel their account either (C$10 a month for 4 credits).

Friends, if this is something you think you want to try out, go ahead and download the app off Google Play or iTunes, or sign up through my referral link for $30 to your account! I also highly recommend getting a friend or two to join you! It’s 100 times more fun and you can add each other on the app to register for classes together!

Happy workout, loves!

Disclaimer: This post is in no way a sponsored piece by any of the brands mentioned. I am truly impressed with my ClassPass experience.

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