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Great Ways to Have a Safe and Comfortable Vacation Experience

October 10, 2022laurenslighthouse

Last updated on October 12th, 2022

Taking a great vacation can be such a fulfilling and enjoyable experience, and this is something that plays a massive part in enriching your life and increasing your experiences this year. Now, there are a lot of ideas that you can use to try to have the most fulfilling and memorable vacation experience you can. You need to try to focus on some of the best ways of having a safe and comfortable travel experience, and there are a number of ways of achieving this.

You have a lot to think about when it comes to improving your travel vacation, and being able to enjoy a more complete adventure is one of the best and most important decisions you can make. Taking the necessary steps to have a better vacation this year, and in the coming years, is really important, and one of the best ways of achieving this is to make sure you have a safer and more comfortable experience. Here are some of the best ways of being able to achieve that.

Stay in an Airbnb

Accommodation is one of the most key elements of planning any trip or travel adventure, and you’re going to need to come up with some of the best options that will help you find the ideal accommodation choices. Airbnb has revolutionized the travel and tourism sector, and provides travellers with cheaper, more homely, and more comfortable accommodation choices than a basic hotel. Staying in an Airbnb gives you a more connected experience with the place you’re staying in, and allows you to live more like a local. It’s also a great way of enhancing comfort and security on your trip, and allowing you to make the most of your surroundings.

In the last quarter of our honeymoon this summer, we spent two weeks touring Italy with family and family friends who joined us. Booking our Airbnb’s at each of our destinations was the perfect way for all six of us to spend quality time together while cooking or dining on delicious Italian takeout in one beautiful dining room that was left with personal touches by the owners. But it also opened us up to having a peek into what it’s like to live like a local, whether that was shopping at the food markets or driving up narrow residential roads that are often untouched by tourists. But we also got to stay in some amazing luxury apartments in Milan, Venice and Rome, as well as beautiful villas with gorgeous views, gardens and patios in Lake Como and Positano, which would have never been possible without a homestay platform like Airbnb.

Protect Yourself Throughout Your Trip

During your trip and after your trip there are implications that you might need to assess, and you can take steps to protect yourself on the trip, and afterward as well. For instance, taking out travel insurance or hiring an attorney is a great way of protecting yourself financially, or in the event of Uber accidents or vacation injuries whilst on your travels. It would also be a good idea to keep your passport in a bolted and locked safe in your room, in order to make sure it’s not misplaced or stolen. Protecting yourself by looking after important documents, and taking charge of your health and wellness prior to and during your travels, can make a massive difference in how you enjoy your adventure.

Often times, legal counsel can help you with things you may not realize are important. After all, you don’t know what you don’t know. Prior to lengthy or far away trips to countries you don’t frequent on a regular basis, it never hurts to consult an attorney who will help walk you through any travel requirements and necessary steps for documentation you may not be aware of. In some instances, travelling with minors, even if they are your own children, will entail further requirements – for instance their birth certificate if you travel to South Africa. Your attorney may also be helpful in relaying instructions and your rights if something unfortunate were to happen to you, such as losing a passport in a foreign country. It’s always a good plan to have this backup in your back pocket.

Use Tracking Devices for Your Belongings

With all the horror stories coming out about lost luggage or the mountains of people’s belongings left for days in baggage claim with the chaos of the travel industry this past year, we thought we’d get some peace of mind by purchasing Apple Air Tags and placing them in our checked-in luggage as well as our carry-ons. Why the carry-ons too, you ask? Because you never know when an airline representative will deem your carry-on luggage as needing to be checked in, especially during times like today when most flights are fully booked.

Once we on on the plane, we would check the Items tab on our Find My app on our phones to see if our suitcase was being loaded into cargo. When we landed, we would also await to see if our luggage was in the same location. Now of course, there’s no preventing your luggage from getting lost. But in the case it ever would, you can point the airlines in the right direction and show proof of where your luggage is currently located. Note that in the case your luggage does get misplaced by the airlines, you have a right to compensation depending on the amount of time it was not returned to you as well as the cost it took to replace your lost items. Be sure to keep all receipts for reimbursement!

Plan Your Trip

Possibly the biggest and best way of ensuring you have a safe and comfortable vacation experience is to make sure you plan your trip out in advance. This is a basic part of the process, but it’s one that can have a profound impact. For example, if you want to have an unforgettable long-weekend in Edmonton, planning a two-day itinerary for your trip and jotting down your must-visit places or must-do activities is something that you’ll want to focus on beforehand to ensure you don’t miss out while you’re there.

That initial research of your travel destinations is vital to getting the most out of your trip. Waiting till last minute can very well result in missed opportunities like not being able to get tickets to a show or attraction because they’ve been sold out, or not making reservations to a very hyped up restaurant. We’ve made the mistake a few times in our travels, our most regretful one being missing out on dining at the world famous Kichi Kichi Omurice.

Travelling always comes with its risks and we all make the decision to undertake those risks when we choose to hop on a plane, stay at a place we’ve only seen online and visit countries we’ve never been to. But that’s the joy of it! Bursting out of our comfort zone and experiencing things we don’t get to on a regular basis at home. But with that said, we can always try to create as safe and comfortable a space as we can, even though much is left to be outside of our control. All it takes is a little bit of work beforehand.

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