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5 Pet-Friendly Places in the States You Can Take Your Pup on Vacation

April 18, 2022laurenslighthouse

Last updated on September 26th, 2022

Are you thinking about heading out on vacation? If you have a dog then you might be interested in taking them with you. This could be the case if you know that your dog gets anxious when they are separated from you for a long time. You might think that there’s no where to take your dog for a fun vacation that you can both enjoy. However, we’re delighted to say that this isn’t the case. To highlight this, here are some great, dog friendly locations that you are sure to enjoy with your furry friend in tow.

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Palm Springs, California

Palm Springs is largely considered to be the golf capital of the world. Although, it’s interesting to note that originally, it was the home of Tennis. While the location does have some amazing holes to play and there’s absolutely no doubt about that, there are other activities to explore here as well. For instance, you can go hiking. The best news is that it does have dog friendly hotels. This is something to consider when you are researching Palm Springs accommodation.


Another place that you can think about going with your pup is Arizona. You might think that Arizona is nothing but dirt tracks but we’re pleased to say that this isn’t the case. Instead, Arizona is a beautiful place to explore. We recommend heading to Sedona. Instead of staying in hotels with your dog, you can camp it out here and sleep underneath the stars. There are even jeep tours that are dog friendly so you won’t have to worry about leaving them behind while you go off on an adventure.

Disney World, Florida

Next, you should consider taking a trip to Disney World. Disney World may not seem like a dog friendly place, but it is. A couple of years ago, Disney changed a few of their hotels to be dog friendly. This means that you can stay in a Disney hotel with your pup. However, it’s important to be aware that you are not allowed to leave your pup in the room while you head to the park. Similarly, dogs are not allowed in the theme parks either.  The good news is that there are plenty of activities that you can explore with your dog outside of the park. You can also get people to look after your pup for you while you explore the rides.

Lake Placid, New York

Finally, you might want to think about heading to Lake Placid. As you might have guessed, the main selling point of this location is the lake itself. Don’t be fooled by the horror movie of the same name. This is a gorgeous place, just outside of New York and, sticking to our theme, it’s perfect for your furry friends. You can take your pup out onto the lake with you or you might want to decide to walk around it. The accommodation around Lake Placid is also friendly for dogs. So, you won’t have to worry about camping if you’re traveling here.

Colorado Springs 

Finally, you might want to think about heading to Colorado Springs with your pup. This is another location that is going to be perfect if you want to explore the outdoors. It’s a beautiful location that is centered in a state that is incredibly pet friendly overall. 

In terms of where you can stay with your dog there are options like The Broadmoor Resort. This is a sophisticated location that looks incredible and has lots of different features to explore. There are even luxury dog beds available for your pet and they will be served some of the finest pet foods that can be chosen specifically for their dietary needs. 

We hope this helps you understand that there are some fantastic places to head out with your pet on vacation. Of course, before you commit to this idea, you might want to consider just a few details. First, you should consider whether your pup is going to be happier at home. Some pets hate to travel and it can cause them a lot of stress. This will usually be the case for Long Haul flights. As such, it might be better off leaving them with a friend or even in kennels for their own vacation. Another point to consider is whether or not the weather is going to be suitable for them. It’s great to take your pet on a trip but not if they are going to be uncomfortable the whole time that they are there.

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