Poetry With Reason by D.L. Winters

Poetry With Reason by D. L. Winters

August 1, 2019laurenslighthouse

I’ve always been impressed with spiritual leaders in their ability to strongly convey a message, without tiptoeing around hard topics, yet still possessing a careful understanding of who their audience may be. I am even more impressed when such leaders can express themselves in more ways than one – in song, writing, comedy, you name it. D. L. Winters has found his gift of expression through poetry and creates the first of its kind, a collection of faith-based poems on life’s many heartfelt subjects.

This post was written in sponsorship with Poetry With Reason, but it goes without saying that all opinions are my own!

Poetry With Reason by D.L. Winters

His poems articulate a sense of belonging and purpose, such as his pieces Motherhood and Fatherhood, in which Winters strengthens a reader’s (like myself) commitment to adopt the beatitudes that he so emphasizes. Poetry With Reason enunciated the feeling of “I want to be more like this” in me. Not unlike other daily devotional material, this book is a frequent go-to for when I need an uplifting reminder of who I am and what I’m here for. What kind of characteristics do I want to embrace? How do I eventually want to raise my kids? Am I truly following the path that I outwardly portray, or do I need to keep myself in check and have another look in the mirror?

Appropriately gratifying the soul and spirit of a being,
With an unexplainable power that is so great,
Of knowing how and what to fill a void that is needing,
That’s self-explanatory, without a debate
~ Priceless Joy, D. L. Winters

Poetry With Reason by D.L. Winters

The Californian poet manifests a pivotal solution in each of his poems’ primary issues. The uniqueness of Poetry With Reason is that it will spark not only your mind and heart, but first and foremost your soul. And with that, my friends, I truly hope you get to explore the writings that may leave a long-lasting effect on your daily life through this very book.

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