5 Reasons to Visit Lapland: the Perfect Destination for Winter Lovers

June 14, 2023laurenslighthouse

Last updated on September 12th, 2023

If you come from a Western culture, you probably know that the legendary Santa Claus is from the North Pole. But in reality, this magical, dreamy place we depict as the North Pole draws inspiration from a true place! Lapland, Finland is magical in all ways that we can envision Santa and his helpers making strides in Finland’s slice of winter paradise. While the fictional North Pole may not be a place you can visit for yourself, Lapland sure is!

Located in the northernmost reaches of Scandinavia, it is one of the most isolated and unique parts of Europe. Surrounded by mountains and buried under mountains of snow for most of the year, it’s the ideal place to venture the world’s most picturesque winter wonderland. Before visiting Lapland, you might want to grab yourself a few pairs of the warmest men’s thermal socks you can get your hands on online to keep you cozy!

This post explores why Lapland is the perfect destination for winter lovers. Here’s everything you need to know and five reasons to visit Lapland.

See the Northern Lights

Lapland is one of the best places in the world to witness the aurora borealis. It sits right on the Arctic Circle, coming extremely close to the Earth’s pole. What’s more, it tends to be much easier to travel to than Northern Siberia and Canada, the other places where you can witness the stunning light show into the evening. 

Bright display of northern lights in the Lapland winter night sky

The best time to visit Lapland to witness the northern lights is from September to March, a good half a year to witness one of our atmosphere’s greatest phenomena. Nights are longer during the winter, providing more opportunities to see charged particles from the sun interact with the Earth’s magnetic sphere.

Meet Santa Claus

Not to be outdone, Lapland also offers visitors and their families to visit Santa in his grotto. The tourist destination is near Rovaniemi where you can meet the “real” Father Christmas and get a photo with him sent to you by postcard. If you love collecting postcards like me, here’s one you’ll treasure indeed!

There’s also a nearby Santa park. Here, you can meet various reindeer which are a part of the northern Sami culture, and feed and pet some animals. Sleigh rides are also available for the adventurous (though these don’t fly through the air or have red noses). 

close-up of a cute reindeer bending down to the untouched snowy ground while pulling a small sleigh in the woods

Enjoy Lapland’s Winter Sports and Activities

Another Lapland attraction is the winter sports it offers. Here, you’ll find numerous options for ice skating, snowshoeing, and snowboarding. Various trails exist for different difficulty levels, plus you can hire equipment and take lessons given by local instructors. 

You can also do things in Lapland that simply aren’t possible anywhere else. These include:

  • Ice karting
  • Ice fishing
  • Ice swimming
  • Snow sculpting

In other words, you’re unlikely to run out of fun things to do in Lapland anytime soon!

Discover the Sami Culture of Finland

History buffs love going to Lapland to discover Sami culture. These people lived in harmony with these northern lands for thousands of years and have a rich heritage spanning music, art, and clothing. The local people hold several festivals and offer traditional experiences, such as staying in local huts and consuming delicacies such as berries and reindeer meat. 

Enjoy Lapland’s Scenery

Lastly, you might want to spend your time in Lapland enjoying the stunning scenery. The frozen landscapes, rivers, lakes, and mountains are stunning, no matter what time of year you go. 

soft pink clouds graze the sky during the winter sunset in Lapland while heavy snow weighs down on the evergreen trees on a snowy hill

If you travel in June, you can also witness the spectacle of the midnight winter sun, when the sun never sets on the land.

After realizing your childhood dream of meeting Santa, discovering an age-old culture of Finland and going on wild winter adventures across this winter wonderland scenery, you’ll be glad you made it all this way! These are just a handful of many reasons you need to add this gem to your travel bucket list and you’ll likely have more after you visit Lapland for yourself!

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