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Staying Well While Travelling to Other Countries

October 12, 2022laurenslighthouse

Staying well while travelling is often a little trickier than you might think. Unfortunate things can happen outside of your control and there are many things to consider. However, with these top tips, you’ll have a better chance of maintaining your physical and mental well-being while you’re on the road and visiting all these awesome places you dreamed of seeing.

Keep Up with Your Fitness

One of the coolest things about modern hotels and apartments is that they have facilities and services for everyone. So no matter where you go, there are some things you will always find. Fitness is one of these. Gyms, spas, and even swimming facilities are always available no matter where you find yourself. If you’re staying at a hotel or renting out an Airbnb in a condo complex, access to these facilities will be included in the rate you pay, for instance at the Doubletree by Hilton Tower Bridge in London. Because of this, you have no reason to skip out on your workout when the gym is just a short walk from the door to your room or suite.

Most of the time when you’re travelling, especially when you’re visiting an extensively walkable city like London, you’ll be getting your steps in and some cardio work by default. But getting a quick workout that is similar to your fitness routine at home will help you keep consistent as well as lessen the getting used to working out again when you return home.

Be Careful with the Food You Eat

What you eat has a direct effect on how your body and mind respond. And while you’re travelling, you’ll likely try all kinds of foods from places that differ from your normal eating habits. Even though these foods look delicious and fine on the surface, you may have an intolerance to them that you won’t be aware of until the damage is done. It’s not to say that you should avoid all the different types of food completely, but to have them in moderation. If you don’t typically consume spicy foods for breakfast at home, maybe try not to indulge in them too much when you’re away – I learned this the hard way and my stomach hurt for days on end. You may have heard of “Delhi belly” as an example.

It’s common all over the world for your body to react to food and drinks you’re not used to. Allow your body to adjust to the new diet by slowly incorporating them in. Drink tons of water but be careful with the tap water where you’re staying – it’s often times not drinkable. Bring TUMS on your travels and Restorolax if you’re prone to digestive mishaps. And try to be prudent with what you consume to keep your trip from becoming a bed-ridden nightmare.

Use Apps for Staying Well While Travelling

You can improve your health with new devices. Smartphones and other new and improved tech like your smartwatch are great for tracking just about anything. You can use free apps to keep track of how many steps you take each day, your menstrual cycle and if anything is off balance, or to notify you to keep up with your daily devotional and prayer.

I find it’s easy to forget to track things or do daily tasks when you’re no longer going through the motions of routine as well as operating in a different time zone than at home. I may forget to read my daily dose of scripture when boarding a red-eye flight, but thankfully I have my Bible app to remind me.

Protect Yourself from Sun Exposure

Travelling almost always comes with more exposure to sunlight than you get regularly. Whether you’re touring a city, spending time on a beach, or hiking mountainsides, you’re probably getting out more than you normally do. After all, you’re likely trying to make the most of your limited time and hard-earned money by actively pursuing activities and sites that you purposely travelled for, especially when you’ve made it to some of the most exciting places in the world. That vitamin D you get from being out more is one of the greatest things for your physical and mental health, at it converts cholesterol into energy for your body and mind. But with great sun exposure comes powerful and potentially harmful rays.

Always pack a pair of adequate sunglasses that provide UV protection and have a good coverage sunscreen – preferably with SPF 50 and PA+++++ for protection against both UVA and UVB rays – at your disposal no matter where you’re travelling. Protect your skin with these easy steps and you’ll return home with glowing skin!

While travelling comes its many benefits for your body, mind and spirit, it also has its risks that can be detrimental to your health. Advising your travel clinic prior to your trip is an essential part to making sure you’re most prepared for what’s ahead, and they can help you figure out what you need – whether it’s medication or vaccinations – to mitigate those health risks when visiting other parts of the world. The tips above are easy steps you can take to help you return home stronger and healthier than when you left!

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