The Best Customizable Travel Backpack of 2020

September 2, 2020laurenslighthouse

Last updated on June 26th, 2023

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Not all backpacks are made equal, especially when there’s a backpack out there that you can completely customize with a kit that’s made for all travel adventures!

Banana Backpacks is a local Canadian brand founded by a brother-and-sister duo to give explorers the opportunity to leave a positive and life-changing impact on the world by also making their adventures as efficient as possible. They’ve created two incredible collections that will change your travels for the better, whether you’re traveling for a day, two weeks or two years.

The Kiri Collection

The Kiri collection changed my travel game completely and here’s why.

Nothing says “convenience” like the ability to click in different compartments for your backpack depending on your travel needs. The Kiri bag contains no compartments but a magnetic Fidlock buckle system to clip your various backpack gear into place. All Kiri kit items have the capacity of being attached to or within the Kiri kit with these magnetic clips as well as the backpack’s hooks and Delrin clip buckles. Providing adventurers complete control over their backpack gear’s adaptability with easy and quick adjustments makes Banana Backpacks the ultimate brand for any given explorer.

Banana Backpacks Kiri, Best Customizable Travel Backpack in 2020 - Lauren's Lighthouse

Choosing Your Kiri Kit

There are different Kiri bundles to start with depending on your basic travel needs and backpack gear essentials.

Sharpshooter Bundle

For the photo fanatic, you can’t go wrong with the Sharpshooter Bundle to start. It includes the:

The Miss Lange has three compartments in itself with adjustable velcro walls. I’m able to fit my vlog camera, microphone, mini tripod, extra batteries and battery charger perfectly in here.

The Side Hustle is a must for hikes or long-day adventures. You can easily strap the bottle holder to the side of your backpack or use the shoulder strap to carry your bottle over your shoulder. The shoulder strap is a must when you’re carrying only one gear item at a time and pops easily onto the camera bag, bottle holder, laptop case and more!

Grind Time Bundle

For the digital nomad, you can’t go wrong with the Grind Time Bundle to start. It includes the:

The Pure Grindin’ is the perfect laptop bag for the modern-day hustle and can home your medium-sized laptop safely within its foam-padded lining. As mentioned above, you can clip on the shoulder strap to carry the laptop case separately.

Sand n’ Sweat Bundle

For the beach lover or for wet adventures, you can’t go wrong with the Sand n’ Sweat Bundle. It includes the:

Weekender Bundle

For weekend trips, you can’t go wrong with the Weekender Bundle to start. It includes the:

The Leavin’ the Shire weekend bag is perfect to fit all your toiletries and essentials! I would 100% want to take this kit with me for camping trips, weekend getaways and even backcountry adventures.

Thirst Quencher Bundle

For long, hot days with little to no access to fresh water, you can’t go wrong with the Thirst Quencher Bundle. It includes:

Though the Kiri backpack and its interchangeable gear collection are THE best for any travel venture in 2020 and for years to come, the number one reason why I love Banana Backpacks is not because of its functionality. It’s the impact you leave on a child when you make a Kiri pack your own. Every Kiri backpack provides a year’s worth of school supplies for a child in Cambodia through Banana Backpack’s partner, Caring for Cambodia. To remember the change you make in that child’s life by helping them go to school, the left shoulder strap of your Kiri will have the student’s name embroidered. Mine is Sopheak and I’m so glad he’ll be able to go to school! If you’re looking to sponsor a child through a purchase you’ll already love, you should definitely consider Banana Backpacks!

Banana Backpacks Kiri, Best Customizable Travel Backpack in 2020 - Lauren's Lighthouse

All bundles come with a discount, and you can mix n’ match as you please with any other gear within the collection to provide you with an all-encompassing customizable backpack kit for all your travel needs! From mountains to beach, backyard adventures to city travel, for working remotely or backcountry hiking, your Kiri kit will have your back!

Banana Backpacks Kiri, Best Customizable Travel Backpack in 2020 - Lauren's Lighthouse

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