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December 26, 2020laurenslighthouse

Last updated on November 3rd, 2022

It’s been some time since most of us thought to get our teeth whitened, because let’s face it: we haven’t exactly been getting our photo taken every other week. But new things are on the horizon, we’re on track to being able to live out of our PJ’s for the first time in a year, so maybe now’s the time that you’re looking to freshen up your gorgeous smiles. Perhaps those DIY teeth whitening regiments haven’t been doing the trick for ya. I mean, if any year were one where we’d all be resorting to at-home DIY’s, it’d be 2020!

But let’s ditch the DIY’s for a moment because our teeth deserve to be the pearly whites we all know they can be! Keep reading to the end for a special 28% off discount to get YOUR smile shining brighter than ever with the ladies at Ultrawhite!

This post is sponsored by Ultrawhite Clinic in that I receive a commission when the special offer code is used. My words of praise of Ultrawhite are not based on the perks of this partnership but are entirely founded on my experience and the indisputable results of my session with them. I would not share it if I did not love it! This is my testimonial.

A Little Rundown on Professional Teeth Whitening

Should I visit the dentist before I get my teeth whitened?

Yes! This is definitely something to consider before you whiten your teeth, especially for the first time. Teeth whitening consists of bleaching the enamel and dentin. Getting a professional cleaning will break down some superficial stains and plaque build-up on your teeth, rendering the teeth whitening more effective. Some technicians may advise waiting two weeks after a visit to the dentist and no more than 6 months after a dental cleaning to ensure lower tooth sensitivity and best whitening results. An appointment with your dentist will also allow you to ask the question if teeth whitening is for you. Not all tooth discolouration can be remedied with whitening and not all teeth (such as veneers or ones with crowns, caps or fillings) can experience whitening effects so it is best to consult your dentist when you can.

What are some misconceptions of tooth discolouration?

One of the misconceptions I was most surprised to hear was the fact that discolouration caused by tea drinking may actually be more difficult to remove than that caused by coffee. This is because tea, whether white, green or black, contains more tannins than coffee, a substance that produces a “stickier” stain on your teeth. Most red wines contain higher amounts of tannins as well, creating the same effect. Coffee, tea and red wine are still all culprits to dulling your bright smile because of their dark pigments. But nevertheless, these stains are not untreatable and can be properly removed during your professional cleaning.

What is the procedure like?

It’s very simple and might even make you want to take a light nap! Most professional whitening clinics such as Ultrawhite will first do a one-on-one consultation with you to address your areas of concern, sensitivities, preferences and some medical history. After this, you’ll proceed to have an hour-long teeth whitening session in which the hydrogen peroxide-based gel will be spread lightly on your teeth for three sets of 20-minutes under UV light. Each layer of the gel is wiped off after each length of 20 minutes prior to the next. During this process, your teeth may experience more sensitivity, especially as the time progresses. But do not fret! This sensitivity shall only be temporary.

How often should I get my teeth whitened?

There is a sweet spot for each individual to ensure that their pearly whites maintain their appearance in the best they can. Your window for your subsequent upkeep sessions is mostly based on your oral hygiene habits, whether you smoke and what kind of foods and drinks you enjoy often. Consult with your technician after your session to discuss when is best for your next appointment. Most teeth whitening treatments can last six months up to a year!

Does teeth whitening damage enamel?

“Teeth whitening a handful of times will not damage the enamel if done properly. What breaks down the enamel is your daily food and beverage consumption (in particular from acidic foods such as soft drinks and fruit juices).” – Chrissy, Partner at Ultrawhite Clinic Calgary

Is professional teeth whitening safer than at-home or over-the-counter teeth whitening products?

“Trays and strips can be damaging because they are designed to be used for multiple days in a row. The product sitting on the enamel for 7, 14, or 30 days in a row will slowly break the enamel down. That’s why professional whitening is recommended. We use a higher hydrogen peroxide meaning better results instantly and after one treatment your teeth can rehydrate and remineralize. We also carry a variety of different whitening products to ensure that if you are someone who suffers from tooth sensitivity, we will do our best to make the treatment as comfortable as possible and we will provide you with the best aftercare tips to minimize any discomfort.” – Chrissy, Partner at Ultrawhite Clinic Calgary

What do I need to do pre- and post-whitening session?

The top professional clinics such as Ultrawhite will provide you with proper care instructions after your treatment. Before your session however, there should be no restrictions apart from the dental cleaning mentioned earlier. After you get your teeth whitened, they may remain sensitive for up to 72 hours. Your care instructions may include to brush very gently with a manual toothbrush, avoid flossing during that period for your gums may be sensitive as well, use a toothpaste for sensitivity like Sensodyne, and if your teeth are experiencing greater discomfort, you may even prefer to put some vitamin E oil directly on your teeth before bed as advised by your technician.

The first 48 hours are the most crucial to ensure no reversal on your results. For what you consume, it is often strongly advised to avoid any non-clear liquids and dark foods. As a basic rule of thumb, do not eat or drink anything that would stain a white t-shirt. Yup, that even includes dark vegetables. The last thing you’d want to do is see your higher-priced service go to waste so please listen to your teeth whitening expert when it comes to these care instructions!

Why Ultrawhite?

The question we’ve all been waiting for! Why go to Ultrawhite Clinic specifically? To which I’d answer, how much do you care about your teeth? It sounds blunt, but really, it’s the question you should be asking yourself when to pick the place you go to to get ANY treatment.

The conclusion I made after my first visit to Ultrawhite was that these ladies cared. They cared deeply about my smile, maybe even more than I thought I did. I couldn’t imagine anyone else treating my teeth than Chrissy and Shalene and their team of lovely technicians. They know what they’re doing and I couldn’t be happier leaving my smile in their hands.

They specialize in teeth whitening. There are a number of aesthetic businesses that cover a number of other services such as lash lifts, tints and extensions, brow tints and threading and more, on top of teeth whitening. Their services may come at a much more affordable price but you get what you pay for. Resorting to a clinic that specializes in the service you are looking for will provide you with higher quality products and higher quality service. Ultrawhite treats their clients’ teeth with medical-grade products that perform the best results in the business. They are also able to tailor to each client’s needs and concerns with their products whereas other aestheticians may have a limited number of items to choose from.

The results I got were impeccable and my smile is all the better for it. Immediately after my treatment, I could tell a difference and my technician did a colour comparison between before and after. My teeth went from an S18 to an S8 for the whitest part of my teeth and an S26 to an S14 for the darkest part of my teeth (nearest my gums)!

Though Ultrawhite is a clinic and their services are performed in a very professional and medically-inclined manner, the Ultrawhite partners do a fantastic job of creating the ambiance similar to that of a high-end spa. From the lounge to the bar to the treatment room, you will be immersed in a luxurious experience. The extent to which Chrissy and Shalene went to provide such an environment demonstrates their care for their clientele and attention to detail. Simply being present in their space makes you anticipate the top-tier service you will receive during your treatment.

They even provide you with the warmest socks and blanket for a cozy session! I was very happy to know they used a silicone mouth proctor during the treatment which was soft against my lips and gave me more ease during the one-hour session. This was one of the most comfortable naps I’ve ever had during an aesthetic treatment, and I’ve had my fair share of them.

I love how Ultrawhite Clinic also provides different packages and memberships. Some for individuals providing mad discounts, but there are also packages for friends, couples, etc. to enjoy their sessions together at a discounted price! The Plus One package ($186.75/person) is awesome for a couple, mother/daughter duo, best friends to get their treatments together. But the Soirée Package is an incredible deal as well! This one will provide 3-10 people with the full session at $179/person when you book together for the same time. As a bride-to-be, I know that this is one spa treatment that my bridesmaids will adore!

Planning on being pampered and getting your pearly whites freshened up at Ultrawhite Clinic? Use my code LAUREN30 for $70 off ($249 to $179!) your first treatment for a limited time only!

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