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A Week at Vidanta Riviera Maya

Nothing beats a luxurious stay in a tropical destination at virtually no cost, and this September I got to book a week in a 3200 sqft 3-bedroom spa suite at one of the most luxurious and grandest resorts in Mexico with eight of my friends for an affordable rate. Grand Luxxe Riviera Maya is one of… Continue reading A Week at Vidanta Riviera Maya

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Coconut Cashew Honey Energy Bites

Energy bites are one of the easiest to throw together with remaining ingredients you have in your kitchen. All you need is a nut or seed butter of some kind, or a paste (such as from dates), a sweetener, and toppings like more seeds and nuts, coconut flakes, dried fruit, etc. Leftover homemade cashew butter… Continue reading Coconut Cashew Honey Energy Bites

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My Top Picks For Hikes Near YYC

In an effort to share with all of you my favourite hikes near the Calgary area, I split them up by level of difficulty. This was mostly to break some close ties but also to ensure that I was indeed comparing apples to apples. I've attempted to describe the trails as accurately as I can, but… Continue reading My Top Picks For Hikes Near YYC

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Homemade Dark Chocolate

Here's a simple and easy recipe to make your own vegan/organic chocolate at home, with little-to-no equipment! My love for chocolate is probably first on my list of things to satisfy on a daily basis (terrible habit, I know). But I thought I'd nourish my cravings in a cheaper and healthier way by using ingredients… Continue reading Homemade Dark Chocolate

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Cocoa Date Energy Bites

When you have a ton of ingredients that might soon reach their best-before dates, what better way to use them in some energy bites? This is one of my favourite recipes that I've ever created as all the sweetness comes directly from the dates, and the cocoa powder gives an extraordinary chocolate taste but the… Continue reading Cocoa Date Energy Bites

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Butternut Squash Soup

T'is the season for soup! It's been a cold start to the year, especially if you live in or near Calgary, where the temperature at the end of December reached past -30°C. So on the days that you feel like cozying up at home and having some hot, homemade soup, here is the #1 recipe that I recommend… Continue reading Butternut Squash Soup

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Maca-Coco Chia Energy Bites

It doesn’t get easier than this: a snack that packs in all things healthy and delicious, and that literally takes 20 minutes to make. No baking needed! All you need is the right set of ingredients perfect for you. But if you don’t know where to start, here’s a recipe that combines all my favourite… Continue reading Maca-Coco Chia Energy Bites